richard wainwright

A celebration of Richard's life will be commemorated at the Hash on Saturday 18th January 2019.
Fuller details to be announced but the Hash will start at 3pm as usual.
Après will be held at Lyn & Julian's appartment: rue Nisard 13/1, Boitsfort 1170.

It is with the most profound sorrow that we inform you that our father died in the early hours
of this morning (18.10.19) in Thessaloniki, Greece. He contracted septicemia on the second
leg of his sailing trip a week ago while on Lesvos. Despite the efforts of his doctors and his
phenomenal will to recover and come home it became apparent that his body was embattled
on many fronts. After being transferred yesterday to Thessaloniki for plasma treatment he
finally submitted to heart failure due to respiratory problems.
He was extremely brave throughout and this courage combined with his determination to
take on life on his own terms will continue to inspire (and frustrate) us.  We are currently
working on his repatriation and will let you know soon when and where you are invited to
join us to celebrate his life.
Please pass this on to anyone who would want to know because we haven't sorted out dad's
family and friends data base yet but feel we should just get this news out.

Jess, Matt, Barny, Tom

Really sorry to hear this news. Richard was a one-of-a-kind personality, someone you could
get drunk with (and did, on numerous apres occasions), have discussions with at any level -
from who has the best body on the Hash, to the nuances of DGIII open-market policy-making,
go sailing with - the Old Buffers Cruise, from South Holland to Copenhagen being the last one
I was involved in, or just generally hang out with.
A generous man, who gave freely of his time and resources, he will be missed in many circles.
After I moved to London in the early nineties, Mary and I visited his house in Highgate on several
occasions and never failed to have a good time there.
Alas, time and distance will prevent me from attending his final On In, but I will be with you all in spirit.
Best regards to all of you,

Dear Hashers,
Very sad to hear this, I had him over the phone 2 weeks ago, he was spending a great time
on Tai Luk with my brother Sebastian.
We have very nice memories of several walks and deep conversations with Richard. Such a nice man!
All our condolences to his family and friends.
He will always be remembered.
Emily & Mathieu Vrancken

Very shocked to hear about Richard,  one of the very first people we met on
our arrival in Overijse in 1995 when we joined the Hash.   Please send our
condolences to his family and friends.  A great character and another
regular hasher who has influenced our happy times in Belgium.    He was
enjoying his life to the end despite health issues.
On on, he will now be hashing with Bertie.......    Alma and David.

I’ll miss him - the chuckle, the erudition, the democratic warmth,
the positivity.