All Hashes start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in PINK

Date: 11 November 2017 Hash: 1936

Ypres Annual Hash @ 15.00

Rory & Judi & Janet
Start & après:
Apologies for the length of this message, but all the info is relevant, particularly given the date – the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele.
Rory mobile: 0477 34 35 91
Start: Kemmel - From the bandstand, where British military bands used to play, in the centre of the town. Park around the village green.
You will find the hares, if they have time to relax after laying the trail, inside/outside one of the two local cafes.
Some of you will know the area, but new twists have been added and hopefully will spread confusion. We can promise you cemeteries, monuments, dug outs, an allied Cold War bunker, woods and rolling countryside. There is a Gallic hue since the French, with great losses, had to defend Mount Kemmel against the advancing Germans in April 1918. Where the trail is not suitable for bikes, alternative routes will be proposed.
Kemmel is a 10 minute drive south west of Ypres on the N331.
From Brussels, take the E40 towards Ghent, E17 towards Kortrijk, then A19 to Ieper.
Take exit 4 to Ieper Centrum. This will bring you to a roundabout, where you take the N37 on your left and soon after on your right the N331. This will bring you to Kemmel. Follow signs for the centre.
Google maps say 1hr 30 mins, but I would add on at least 15 mins to be safe.
If you have the time, I would strongly recommend arriving 30 minutes early to visit the following: Kemmel tourist office, which has been considerably revamped, has a new and interesting WWI exhibition over two floors. The church just opposite the office has an exhibition on Irish blood, Flemish mud. Both are fascinating, two minutes from the bandstand and free.
The tourist office (and I suppose the church) closes at 4pm. So, if interested, do it before, not after, the hash.
The first apres will be sur place with a few beers, crisps, cheese etc. courtesy of the hares.
The second apres will be in Ypres where people will be able to have a hot meal and something more substantial. The menu is basic, but quite extensive. Here, everyone pays their own way.
Venue: t’Ganzeke, 5 Alphonse Vandepeereboomplein, 8900 Ieper. Tel: 057 20 00 09.
(This is the same place as last year. It is in the right angle street on the left as you look at the tourist office).
I have booked 12-15 places in my name from 5.30-6pm. My interlocutor at t’Ganzeke is Sofie who is very helpful.


Most of central Ypres will be a no go area for cars on the Saturday. There is a whole host of events, including a special last post ceremony at 11am and services in the Cathedral (just opposite where we will be eating) between 4.30-6pm and 7.30-9pm. No problem for pedestrians, as far as I understand.
There will be car parks round the edge of town. I tried to get some info on parking from the tourist office, but they were in the dark.
t’Ganzeke suggested parking at the train station, which is just a 5 minute walk from them.
Googling: 11 nov ieper verkeer gives some info, but is not very informative.
I will persevere over the next few days to try and get clearer details which I will send out. If anyone has more success than me in locating suitable parking venues please let me know.
Venez nombreux à cette date historique
Ik kijk uit naar een grote opkomst…
Looking forward to a good turnout…
PS. For the really keen, there is a 5, 10 and 16k run on Sunday (12/11) afternoon in honour of Alex Decoteau who ran the 5000 metres for Canada in the 1912 Olympic Games and died at Passchendaele. The course runs through the battlefield. Details:

Planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 06.11.17 - awaiting details

18/11 – Sue
25/11 – David Z. – Turkey Trot
02/12 – ?
09/12 – ?
16/12 – Ed – Night Hash
23/12 – Judi
30/12 – Briggs


Our Christmas 2017 lunch will take place on Sunday 10 December at the Coldrick's.

GTs will be served from 12 noon and we aim to sit down at 13h.

The change of venue means that our cover charge can be reduced from 10 to 5 euro per head though as
usual everyone will also be asked to bring food and/or drink. More on this soon.

We are confident  that we will be able to share out fairly the various preparatory and clean up duties.

Early birds can book now by  sending money  to my a/c BE65 3100 7013 2096 (mentioning bruh3 xmas).
We will have room for around 40 people (seated).