All Hashes are on Saturday and start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in red.

Date: 16 November 2019 Hash: 2041

Hare: no volunteers, so this will be a car park run.
Start & après: Tervuren woods – car park 100m up the hill from the cyclists’ arch.
Details: if not familiar with the cyclists arch: car park is at the junction of Kapucijnenpoortdreef and Kleine Vaartdreef in Tervuren.
Beware 1: On some maps Kapucijnenpoortdreef is spelt Capucijnenpoortdreef 
Beware 2: I couldn’t find Capucijnenpoortdreef or Kapucijnenpoortdreef or Kleine Vaartdreef in Google maps!
Traditional maps are OK.
Directions: The simplest way is via the Bootjes cafe in Tervuren, (which is currently closed). Drive past the café keeping it on your left. Keep straight on for 1.2 kms. Car park is then on your left – 100 meters before the hole in the wall at the end of Kapucijnenpoortdreef.
NB Confusingly, this hole in the wall is known to bikers as “the arch”. For hashers with good memories it is opposite the old stables, which were knocked down 10-15 years ago !
No trail, so run/walk/bike round the lakes or up past the famous stones.
Basic après will be supplied sur place by On On Sec.
Volunteers to lay a basic trail please contact me directly.
Mobile : 0473-184-453


Date: 23 November 2019 Hash: 2042

Hare: Janet & Jill
Start: junction of Chaussee de Waterloo and Ave de la Brassine, 1640 Rhode Saint Genese.
(Behind the shop Flamant)

Après: chez Jill. 47 ave des Petits Champs, 1410 Waterloo

Hashes planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 11.11.19

30/11 – David Z. – Turkey Trot
07/12 – Ed – Night Hash
14/12 – Chris
21/12 – Judi
28/12 –
hares required

All future dates free....

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