All Hashes are on Saturday and start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in red.

Date: 06 July 2019 Hash: 2022

Hare: David Z Independence Day Hash
Start & après: David and Mitzi’s: Groenstraat 17, 1930 Zaventem (see map)
The Independence Day Hash will honor (sic) that tradition of endless political squabbling (and I bet you were thinking of the British Conservative Party) with the theme this year being the Democratic Party Primary race. With 17 months to go, it will seem like this hash will never end. All turns will be to the sharp left (with most of them being dead-ends). There will be the “Feel the Bern” climb, the Biden “I’m too old for another false trail” route and the Elizabeth Warren checking (where every direction will be “on”).
The weather will be hot and climate change will be the topic of discussion … but the hare of course will deny it. And like last year, there will be walls … big, beautiful walls (with gaping holes).
Everyone will be a winner.
The après will be at David and Mitzi’s – a typical 4th of July BBQ (try to run on an empty stomach and don’t plan any dinner that night) but with a few exceptions (Belgian beer, EU meat and Canadian-Filipino hospitality).
And to remind you that we are still in Belgium, do not forget your blue parking disk.
David and Mitzi – 0475 61 51 01

Date: 13 July 2019 Hash: 2023

Hares: Paul & Nic

Start: Roundabout Tibet (near Sportcity, which is the sports centre in avenue Salome, 1150 WSP)
Après : Chez Nic & Paul : van Crombrugghe 10, 1150 WSP.

Date: 20 July 2019 Hash: 2024

Hare: Judy

The name of the hash is "The Last Ahold Delhaize Hash"

Start: near the AD building on Square Marie Curie,  1070 Anderlecht
Closest Metro is Eddy Merckx

Après: sur place



Hashes planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 03.07.19




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