All Hashes are on Saturday and start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in red.
Date: 30 November 2019 Hash: 2043

Hare: David Z. The Turkey Trot

David and Mitzi’s
Groenstraat 17, 1930 Zaventem (see map)
As is tradition, the world watches as Americans take four days to gorge themselves in an
annual tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season. Once the hash is complete,
there will be a celebration with the usual stuffed bird with all the trimmings as we
mark the season of joy.

While for many of us this has not been a very joyful year, we will try to ensure that
smiles and warmth are widely felt.

Do not forget your blue parking disc!

David and Mitzi
32 475 61 51 01


Date: 07 December 2019
Hash: 2044 NIGHT HASH

Hare: Rory, Judi START: 17.00

Contact 0477 343591 (Rory)

Christmas/night hash.

Start & Apres: chez Ed & Norma - 27-3 Frans Landrainstraat, 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem
(this is Ed and Norma's house, unfortunately Ed will be away on the night, but Norma will
continue her traditional role as hostess)

Bring torches and Xmas accoutrements! Also, musicial instruments - there will be carols!

Driving considerations: If you can, avoid the junctions at the lower (Kraainem) end of Frans Landrainstraat,
which get very jammed at this time of year. If you're concerned about being blocked in,
there's some parking space along the side of the drive.


Date: 14 December 2019
Hash: 2045

Hare: Chris
Start and après: chez Chris, Henri Caronstraat 18, 1560 Hoeilaart.
GSM: 0478583838.


Hashes planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 29.11.19

21/12 – Judi
28/12 – hares required
04/01 – Briggs – New Year hash
11/01 – hares required
18/01 – Julian O. - Memorial Hash for Richard Wainwright
25/01 – Harriet & Christian

All future dates free....

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