All Hashes start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in PINK

Date: 15 December 2018 Hash: 1993 CHRISTMAS/NIGHT HASH 17.00 START TIME

Hare: Ed 7 Norma

Start & après: chez nous - 27-3 Frans Landrainstraat, 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

Bring torches and Xmas accoutrements! Also, musicial instruments - there will be carols!

Driving considerations: Avoid the junctions at the lower (Kraainem) end of Frans Landrainstraat,
which get very jammed at this time of year. If you're concerned about being blocked in, there's
some parking space along the side of the drive.


Date: 22 December 2018 Hash 1994 The Santa Claus Hash

  David Z

Start & apres: David and Mitzi’s, Groenstraat 17, 1930 Zaventem.
Red is the theme of the day. Please wear your Santa Claus / Father Christmas suits and caps
(we’ll have some extras on supply for the shy); the trail will take us through a rather large red dogwood patch,
red will be the colour of the glogg (I’ve been testing some recipes) and there might be a few red noses through it all.
As Christmas is just around the corner, there will be carolling around the piano during the après on site
(hopefully one of my elves will be back home by then).

David and Mitzi 0475 06 05 01


Planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 10.12.18

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