All Hashes start at 15.00 unless otherwise signalled in PINK

Date: 10 November 2018 Hash: 1987 The novice’s Hash

Hare: Tony & Shirley Gunn

Start: Car park at the chapel of Welriekende/Bon Odeur in the Zonienwoud/Foret de Soignes.
Directions: The car park is on the ring – right hand side as you travel from Carrefour Leonard towards Groenendaal.
Care must be exercised not to overshoot the entrance!!!
It is on the opposite side of the ring from the Buildings at the end of Brusselsesteenweg in Hoeilaart. Probably more notable for Maxi Vins.
You may wish to arrive in the opposite direction and not want to circle for 20 mins. It is possible to park on the Hoeilaart side of the ring and cross the ring via a tunnel – again near to Maxi Vins.
Apres: If the weather is kind to us the après will be sur place in the pick nick spot opposite the chapel. By inclement weather i.e. cold, wet and windy or snow, we shall repair to Hoge Heide 21 in Hoeilaart – less than a 10 min drive.
Please try hard not to get lost – it’s our first attempt at being hares.
Tony & Shirley

Planned in “Barry’s Big Book” 05.11.18

10/11 – Gunns           
17/11 –
24/11 – Peter W
01/12 – Harriet & Christan
08/12 – Julian O.
09/12 Christmas lunch British & Commonwealth Women’s Club, Rue au Bois  509, 1150 Brussels.  
Drinks (G&T) will be served from 12 noon, lunch starting around 13:00. 

15/12 – Ed – Night Hash
22/12 – David Z.
29/12 –
05/01 – Briggs – New Year hash
12/01 – Alison S.
19/01 – Sue
26/01 – Rory – Haggis Hash
Just 3 dates left in 2018 – take your pick ! 
All future dates free....