On-On Sec - Jonathan Nutter - for information about the BruH3
GSM: 0473 184 453
email: jonathan.nutter@telenet.be

GM - Peter Coldrick
email: peter.coldrick@gmail.com

Web Master - Julian Rummins
email: julianrummins@skynet.be

Web Madame - Katie Challans - for contributions, write-ups, photos, etc
GSM: 0476 60 88 40
email: katie.challans@challans-faber.eu

BruH3 protects your personal information:
You have chosen to give us personal information for the purposes of informing others about BruH3 events. We only keep your personal information for as long as necessary to provide these membership services. Your information will be deleted as soon as the event is past.
No information will be given to a third party.